Below are comments from a couple of the great people I have had the opportunity to assist in the pur

Casey was proactive, professional and very knowledgable. He was available for all of our questions and patient with us throughout the process. He was an integral part of my wife and i getting our dream home.

-Shawn and Lori Lane

My fiance' and I recently chose Casey to be our realtor. As first time homebuyers we were very inexperienced and nervous going into the process. Casey did a great job juggling our concerns and inexperience by educating us and considering our future while finding a suitable match in a home for us. He was able to understand exactly what we were looking for. Casey also gave us his honest opinion of all the homes we viewed, which we really appreciated. He was also knowledgable of and gave advice on the lending portion of the transaction. Overall, we viewed over 20 homes. The more homes you can view, the better! It really gives you a sense of what you like and dislike. Finally, it was a great experience and would recommend Casey and his assistant, Tyler, to anyone on the hunt for a home. Thanks guys!

-Josh Gaskell & Molly Codd

Casey was extremely helpful with the purchase of our new home. It was the first time my husband and I bought a place together, and on top of that, it was a short sale -- something we knew very little about. He was very realistic and honest about the realities about trying to purchase a short sale and was very informative about how they are different than a regular purchase. His patience was astounding as he worked with us through the five-month long process. He answered all of our questions and made sure that we understood everything clearly.

Once the purchase was completed (as smoothly as possible, we might add) and all of the paperwork was complete, we were able to get the keys to our new home. Unfortunately, the previous owner was less than helpful in preparing our new home for our arrival. Casey took it upon himself, even though it was the responsibility of the seller and the seller's agent, to make sure that our new home was as clean as possible and that we were happy. He is more than just a real estate agent to us. He did more than was necessary to ensure us a pleasant home-buying experience. He did what it took for us.

Combined, we have purchased a few properties over the years, and without a doubt, Casey was the most professional, courteous, and knowledgeable real estate agent either of us have ever worked with. We have recommended Casey to our family and friends (and mere acquaintances) who have been looking for a new place and will continue to do so in the future. No doubt about it.

-Ryan & Leila Brett

Casey Price was a referral from a very trusted friend so he didn't have to do much to immediately earn our trust. However, even with that, he STILL went well above and beyond what we could have possibly imagined.
We had a great first meeting, he walked us through the variety of ways the process could work, explained the market conditions (extremely competitive), recommended some financing options, then about a week later started showing us houses. He took us to several varying homes on our first trek and talked about what to look for. At no point did he put any pressure on us, this was mostly an educational showing.

Moving forward in the following weeks, he showed us any house we wanted to see on a moment's notice, including both weekends and evenings. We are confident that his friendly personality put us a step above the other offers. He kept us in the loop the following weeks during closing and everything was ridiculously smooth. In other words, his service was far above and beyond anything we could have ever imagined in the process and we will be singing his praises from the rooftops to all of our friends.

-Rob & Ashley Toledo

Casey Price was a great asset to have on my team when I was looking for a house to buy. He helped me narrow down my "wish" list to he few things that really mattered to me and the area I really wanted to be in. Casey was patient and we ultimately found the perfect home for me!

-Sue Buckingham

Casey was a pleasure to work with in purchasing our first home. He was patient with us and helped to educate us on what to look for. He also worked to help us find a home that suited our needs and didn't settle until that happened. Each weekend we looked forward to meeting with him to learn more about homes in Seattle: their unique qualities, quarks, and what the current market was like to make a decision that we are happy with for years to come. Having coffee delivered certainly helped too! Working with Casey was fantastic and we recommend him to all our friends.

-Brandon & Jill Napier

Casey is easy to work with and passionate about what he does. He is very knowledgeable and knows the ins and outs of the industry, house construction and the Seattle area. Casey took the time to get to know us and our requirements for our dream house. He set up a customized search for us that emailed us new listings matching our requirements as soon as they came on the market. We met at least weekly to view new listings. Not all house listing services are created equal. The service Casey uses was able to get us in front of listings well before other people. Casey ensured we had all of our questions answered and the information needed to make a sound decision on an older house. With Caseys help we were set up for success with excellent contractors to assist us with renovations we needed prior to moving in. Casey comes with a rolodex of contacts to make all facets of purchasing a house easier:

-Great advice on what mortgage companies were best to use in a competitive market; giving us the advantage of speed over other bidders.
-Helped us set up various inspections and gather estimates on work needing to be done on the house that greatly assisted us in negotiate a great price on our new house.
-Always available when we needed to have an agent on site for inspectors and contractor estimates.
-Provided us with contacts for various contractors that performed work on our house for a great price with above expectation quality
-Provided us with a contact for a rental manager for the house we were moving out of.

We have purchased several houses in our home ownership history and I can safely say that Casey provided us with the best experience we have had to date!

-Margaret Streckenbach & Greg Plutt

Casey was a great joy to work with, he is friendly yet professional. He is also not afraid to tell you what you need to hear not what you want to hear, in other words he has your best interests at heart. There were several times when he used his greater knowledge to give us insight into why a house would be a good purchase or one to walk away from. That is a great asset to have in his line of work, as you never feel he is trying to push you into making a purchase! Our highest recommendation is that when we sell our current home we will not hesitate to use his services again!

-Peter & Malia Drennan

Buying your first home is a very exciting and scary time in your life. One of the biggest purchases you will ever make! When looking for an agent, it was very important to me to find someone who i could trust and would relate to me. With being in my mid 20's, I needed someone who was knowledgeable enough to make me feel comfortable with my purchase, yet related to buying at a young age. With Casey being involved in real estate at a young age as well, it was a perfect fit. With this purchase being a short sale, it was a very frustrating and lengthy transaction. Casey was great at always keeping me informed and giving me answers to the many questions I had during the 8 month process. One thing I really valued is if Casey didn't know about a specific loophole in this abnormal buying contract, I could always count on him finding an answer in a timely matter. I would definitely recommend Casey again and look forward to working with him on future transactions.

-Ryan Shelton

Through our home buying process, Casey proved to be a hard working agent, who always stayed on top the buying process, consistently in communication, and one step ahead on the plans. Emily and I had a unique home buying experience since we purchased the house we were living in/renting from our international landlord, who was going through some difficult times, which forced the need to sell the house. This process caused elevated emotions, countless delays in the process, and seemingly endless negotiations. Regardless of all of this, Casey was able to always have answers to our questions due to being in constant contact with the selling agent, always had a plan for our next move, and kept us motivated, encouraged, and on track with what we needed to do next. Casey worked closely with all associated parties to keep our home buying process as efficient as he could, and as low cost as possible through all the delays and changes we encountered. Casey’s hard work paid off for us, as we now live in house we are proud to call our home.

-Tom and Emily Speca

Casey’s service was excellent! He was able to take the information we provided and produce houses for us to look at that we very much enjoyed. Our previous realtor could not seem to find anything that met our criteria. Casey exceeded our expectations by being very proactive in making sure everyone stayed on the same page and was kept in the loop throughout the process. Casey was a recommendation from a friend. We will use him as our realtor again and plan to refer him to friends and family

-Tyler Marlatt

Casey was excellent! He went above and beyond any real estate experience we have had before! Casey was attentive to every aspect of the transaction.

-Nancy Kvinge & Bill Petschl

The process working with Casey was fantastic. Chris and I moved to the Seattle area and knew we'd want to buy at some point, but weren't sure exactly when. We periodically peppered Casey with questions over a few months, before we were actually able to buy and he was always willing to answer questions or put us in touch with the right people to answer our questions. When we did finally get the chance to start our house search, Casey helped us navigate the fast-paced Seattle-area housing market with ease and helped us structure our offer in a way that would be hard for a seller to pass up. Then, he put us in touch with a great mortgage company that helped get our financing approved and our house closed in record time so that we could get out of a rental house we weren't to happy with and into the house we loved. Casey's connections in the area, knowledge of the market, and desire to understand what we were looking for was invaluable to us in the house buying process. We'd work with Casey in any real estate transaction in the future and would recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell their home.

-Chris & Ashley Trowbridge

My husband and I just purchased our first home a few weeks ago. The whole process was extremely overwhelming but the good part was having Casey Price on our side. He is a very honest, truly caring individual who just wants everyone of his clients to purchase the home they truly want. He was with us every step of the way and then some. Never hesitating to take our phone calls, answer questions, or just be a good listener. Both my husband and I enjoyed our home buying experience and would recommend Casey Price a million times over. We truly thank him for everything and look forward to working with him in the future!

-Brian & Savannah Shore

I made a very good decision when I chose Casey Price of Windermere to be my agent when I sold my home where I lived for 49 years. He gave me good suggestions and advice as we listed the property. With his knowledge of the local real estate market we accepted a full price offer seven days after listing. He also arranged for the people who groomed the lawn, removed the carpet, cleaned the interior and hauled away what was left in the garage. He was always available to provide information and advice through the completion of the sale. Most of my friends did not have the attention from their Realtor that I felt through this journey. I strongly recommend Casey Price of Windermere as an agent.

-Marjorie Weiss

Casey Price was a great asset to have on my team when I was looking for a house to buy. He helped me narrow down my "wish" list to he few things that really mattered to me and the area I really wanted to be in. Casey was patient and we ultimately found the perfect home for me!

-Sue Buckingham

Casey Price has been our Real Estate Agent for over five years. We have worked with him to buy and sell our homes. Casey is dependable, honest and is educated about the latest housing market trends. We have recommended Casey to our family and friends and would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a Real-Estate Agent!

-Keith Binney & Tuesdie Shaffer

Casey was great to work with and helped me sell my rental property duplex very quickly! He had great suggestions for getting my property ready for the market and was helpful with my many questions during the process from beginning to end! Casey was a true professional throughout the entire process and ensured that the advertising of the house reflected the same professionalism. I would fully recommend Casey Price for buying your next home or selling your current home!

-Joni Anderson

Casey was a great joy to work with, he is friendly yet professional. He is also not afraid to tell you what you need to hear not what you want to hear, in other words he has your best interests at heart. There were several times when he used his greater knowledge to give us insight into why a house would be a good purchase or one to walk away from. That is a great asset to have in his line of work, as you never feel he is trying to push you into making a purchase! Our highest recommendation is that when we sell our current home we will not hesitate to use his services again!

-Peter & Malia Drennan

On the sale of our home Casey kept us informed on every detail and aspect of our transaction. He recommended we have the house moderately staged to help present the house. There were a couple other small details that helped present the house better, which obviously helped sell the house quicker. He sold our house in record time at a price we were happy with! On our purchase Casey did a great job of balancing the task of keeping us informed as to homes we might be interested in, without being pushy or overly aggressive. He stuck with us for the 2+ years it took us to find the perfect home. We appreciated his knowledge of the market, his attentiveness to what we were looking for in a new home and his positive cheerful attitude.

We would definitely use Casey again and highly recommend him to others.

-Dan & Michelle Barstad

We planned to move from Everett to Wisconsin and we were lucky to purchase just the home we needed in WI. Our problem was that we didn’t know when our historic Everett home should go on the market. Two local real estate agents said they wouldn’t even place our house on the market as nothing was selling in our price range. Also, both indicated that the kitchen and one bathroom would have to be remodeled before they would consider listing our home.

Then we received a note from Casey Price stating that a neighbor had indicated we were interested in selling. Would we be interested in talking with him about it? We contacted Casey and everything positive began to happen.

Casey evaluated the market and presented his research to us. He suggested a price for our house that would be aggressive and would represent the current condition of the house. He understood that we would like to sell by winter, but if that didn’t happen, we would wait until Spring to put it back on the market.

Preparing the house for market seemed daunting to us. We had compiled a very long list of items that we felt we needed to work on and we needed to move some furniture to our new place in Wisconsin. Casey brought in a person to help us decide which furniture could move now and which should stay until the house was sold. Then Casey went through our list with us and helped us prioritize tasks, eliminate others and added a few. Now we had a working plan. He checked in with us to see how we were doing and if we needed help with anything.

When everything was done and the house was ready to be listed, we could tell that the effort was worth the work and that Casey’s suggestions were right on the mark.

After getting us to this point, Casey took charge of marketing our home. He did an extremely professional job of this. Some agents seem to just take photos, hang the sign, list the house and hope that it sells itself. Not so with Casey. He hired other professionals for staging and photos. He had a beautiful brochure printed and distributed. He personally was very active in showing our home and getting it the attention it deserved.

We had two competing offers before a month passed. Unfortunately financing became an issue. It seemed as though a new offer came in soon after that fell through. Our initial asking price never needed to be downward adjusted to show a “Reduced Price”. Casey walked us through each of the offers and we discussed how to proceed. We never felt any pressure from Casey to accept an offer simply because it was in front of us. We felt that he dealt truthfully and fairly with both the interested parties and us.

The sale was completed and the new owners were able to spend Christmas in their beautiful new home.

We would recommend Casey Price to anyone who wants to sell his or her home. Casey presents a professional image and will work hard to see your home sold. He will treat you and your home with respect. We enjoyed working with him because we knew that we shared a common goal and the right things were being done to make it happen.

-Bob & Bernice Norman

When we decided to sell our home after living there for 14 years, we wanted help from someone who was enthusiastic about marketing our house. Casey Price stood out head and shoulders above the many realtors we interviewed. Not only did he respond to our initial inquiry immediately. The day we contacted him he hand delivered a packet including information about himself, his business and his references. We discovered he is up on all the latest technology and has internet savvy. He listened to us and took our concerns seriously. We were impressed with Casey from the start. If you are looking for a realtor who has drive, motivation, and is full of energy, then contact Casey. We recommend him to all our friends.

-Bill and Renee Quistorf

There was no pressure from Casey as my wife and I were buying our first house. With this being our first house we were very indecisive. Casey consistently told us to just take our time and we would eventually find our perfect first house. Two weeks later we purchased our first house and Casey was there guiding us the whole way. From all of the paper work to all of the inspections Casey was a first class agent. Thanks Casey!

-Lucas & Becky French

It is my pleasure to write this letter and recommend Casey Price and the Windermere Real Estate team. In January I relocated from the East Coast to the West Coast. Having never lived out West, let alone in the State of Washington, I had zero contacts other than those emerging through work. I quickly identified Casey through my new contacts and immediately established a good rapport with him. I was not buying immediately (first trying to sell my home back East) so we simply discussed my wish list and Casey offered to give me the guided tour around town(s). Casey was always available and quick to respond. Eventually we did start to get serious and from that point Casey recommended everything from mortgage company to home inspector. I would rate his services A+ all the way around. I followed his advice as we worked through the offer (accepted of course). His recommended mortgage guy wrapped up in record time and the home buying process went very smoothly. Casey may not admit it but he even posed as a tree outside (standing on the back “very soggy” lawn outside with ruler held high) and bounced around some ideas on increasing privacy. As we closed it was a very hectic last couple days and I was away wrapping up on my house back East and Casey made sure the keys were ready and waiting for me when I returned. There is no better feeling than walking off a plane and driving to pick up keys to your new house. He even helped with some follow up issues after I moved in and I am sure if I needed anything tomorrow he would be right back on my team. Best of luck on your home search and go with Casey for best results.

-Jeff Schumacher